We Observe The Earth From Space

With the help of  satellites, we monitor the Earth’s surface and the processes and changes taking place on it.

How does it work?

Earth observation with the help of artificial satellites is remote research that provides data or knowledge about an object without directly touching it. Surface data is obtained using the part of the radiation spectrum of waves reflected from the Earth’s surface or photographs of the surface.

Identification and typification of surfaces
Analyzing and monitoring of agricultural land
Observation of urbanistic and green spaces
Capturing of damage caused by natural factors

About Coetus

The planet Earth has been observed using satellites for many years – this is how information is obtained about the Earth’s surface and the processes taking place on it. Using advanced algorithms based on artificial intelligence and satellite information, UAB “Coetus” is looking for more convenient and efficient solutions in areas such as agriculture, forestry or urban infrastructure.

“Coetus” is on the list of 40 winners compiled by the Grand Jury of the “World Summit Awards” (WSA) global competition for digital projects.