“Coetus” attended the 26th MARS Conference in Barcelona

After this long period of absence of physical meetings, we have been pleased to held the 26th MARS Conference in Barcelona (Spain).  It was jointly organised by Joint Research Centre of the EC (JRC), the Spanish Paying agency (FEGA) and Ministry of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda of Catalonia (GENCAT).

The MARS conference brought together the community of technical experts in the domain of administration and control of the area based subsidy schemes. It covered the technologies, methods and protocols that bring effectiveness and efficiency to that domain. Participation was open to experts from administrations, industry, academic and research institutions.

In addition to the post-Covid situation, this 2022 the Conference was rather special. It took place very early compared to previous editions to foster some technical discussions before the entry into force of the new CAP legislation in January 2023.

The themes addressed were built on the paradigm shift between the past delivery model based on compliance to a new delivery model based on performance. 

Erikas BERONTAS  Head of Commerce @ Coetus was speaking at the Environmental Ambitions session whith speech: Under the Radar: use of radar satellites as the main solution for land   monitoring.

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